LCL enhances quality completion and efficient processing of quotations with Pre Sales Consultant Hugo Van Damme

At LCL, optimal customer satisfaction and customer intimacy are pillars that make the company stand out in the market. The Belgian data center company has recently put even more effort into this aspect by adding Pre Sales Consultant Hugo Van Damme to the team. This expansion of the sales team enables LCL to provide potential customers with even better support in technical and substantive areas.

As a Pre Sales Consultant, Hugo Van Damme ensures the quality completion and efficient processing of quotations to ensure that the wishes and expectations of prospective and existing customers are met in the most optimum manner possible. Hugo: “In my role as Pre Sales Consultant, I advise on the business and technical content of quotations. I am also responsible for completing requests for quotations from our customers, e.g. for power supply per rack in our data center. My duties also include automating sales tools to allow us to draw up uniform and clear quotations and provide the customer with information quickly. This helps us to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process, with the aim of taking LCL to the next level. I am the bridge between Operations and Sales, ensuring streamlined cooperation. This ensures that LCL can respond even more effectively to customer needs and thus ensure our ‘customer intimacy’ strategy.”

Additional support for expert services

The role that Hugo performs at LCL is a new one that has been specially created. Hugo: “When preparing quotes, it is very important that everything is correct and feasible so as to avoid additional costs and thus help the customer in the best possible way. With this additional support, LCL ensures a fast and accurate sales process so that customers can be assured of expert service.”

Technical pivot between different departments

With his technical conscience and ethics, Hugo has a lot of contact with customers and regularly interacts with other colleagues within LCL. “I consult regularly with the Operations team, both with the Service Manager and the Operations Manager. However, I am also in close contact with our Managing Director Laurens for validation purposes and with the Facilities Engineers to see how the installation is going. In addition, I support Marketing with substantive, technically related content,” explains Hugo.

25 years of IT experience

Hugo brings 25 years of experience in the IT world to LCL. His last position was as a Pre-Sales Consultant with a System Integrator. He can also pursue his passion for IT at LCL. Hugo: “The data center world is a sector that is growing rapidly. It is the future and therefore very interesting to see up close what exactly that entails, also from the perspective of my role as Pre Sales Consultant.”

Like a fish in water

Despite working at LCL for just a few months, he already feels completely at home in the organisation. “LCL is a small company. The distance between the different colleagues is very short and that makes the work very enjoyable. There is also a lot of variety in my work.”

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