Recently, Adeline Wantiez joined LCL’s Project Team as Junior Project Manager. Adeline is a recent graduate and is now gaining her first work experience. A great addition for the company, because despite her youthful age, she already has an impressive track record. What the future should look like is clear to Adeline: as sustainable as possible!

Top op her class

Adeline completed a master’s degree in civil engineering because she is interested in how things work, Especially the techniques and systems behind them. We won’t avoid the cliché: even though Adeline noticed a big evolution, she was still one of the few women in her class, during her master’s degree even one of only two women. “I chose civil engineering because of the content, but I do feel it’s important to emphasise that women can also excel in a technical environment, why couldn’t they?” The proof in in the pudding for Adeline: even though she remains very modest, she graduated top of her class, not only for her master, but out of all the civil engineers. “That was also not a specific goal of mine. I always studied with the intention to understand everything, not to be the best. But it’s true that when I start something, I want to do it to the best of my abilities.”

The crucial importance of a data center

Slowly but surely, it became clear to Adeline where she wanted to work: in a data center. Why? “Data centers are of crucial importance in our digital society. Everything is connected and that will only increase, just like the necessity of data centers. I want to work on something that is essential and contribute to its optimisation.”

There were other companies interested in Adeline’s knowledge, but she was most excited about her job interview at LCL. Before her interview, she had read through the ESG-report, where the concrete KPI’s drew her attention. “For me, thinking about sustainability is a given, in my personal life as well. Seeing that LCL is taking real action instead of just talking about it was the perfect motivation. To me, sustainability equals survival.” Adeline wants to work for an employer that shares her values, also in other areas, and she has found that at LCL.

Adeline Wantiez

Adeline’s first project is tackling the cooling at LCL Brussels-West. The smaller cooling units that are used at the moment, are nearing end of life and need to be replaced. “You could easily replace them with the same model, but LCL’s mentality is to think through every update and consider a more efficient, more sustainable alternative. That is right up my street.” How does Adeline want to leave a mark with her work at LCL? “Our projects have a long lead time, so the customer won’t always notice them instantly, but the challenge is to anticipate the changing expectations of customers and the market. If we can do that in a sustainable way, that will give me great fulfilment.”

Climbing to a higher level

Adeline doesn’t like to sit still, and exercise helps her to relax. Her favourite hobby is climbing. That can happen either in the climbing hall, or she will look for the best rocks to conquer outside. That helps Adeline to clear her mind: “While climbing I trust my instincts, so I don’t have to think about every step. Although you have to be able to read the difficult routes a little bit to get to the top.” Her adventurous side comes out even more when she goes climbing abroad, while camping. “I don’t see climbing as a competitive thing, I always do it with friends, so it’s a fun social activity.” In her spare time, Adeline regularly climbs to a higher level, which is also what she hopes to achieve at LCL!