Meet Joris Robbeets, our Service Delivery Manager and one of the most crucial cogs in the LCL machine. He has built a remarkable career with over two decades of experience in the data center industry. Joris’ job focuses on customer intimacy, a key value at LCL, so he is continuously looking to elevate our customer-centric approach. He knows that enhancing communication and taking proactive measures are the keys to success. More so, his extensive experience has shown that when we concentrate on these aspects, our services improve, and our clients leave with smiles on their faces.

Crafting a customer-centric approach

Every day, Joris Robbeets has a simple yet powerful goal: to improve our services by putting customers first. “Regularly talking to customers is a key method to building long-lasting relationships”, he says. “Since every customer is different and their needs keep evolving, so does our assistance.” This is why LCL is launching a new customer portal in 2024 where clients can ask for different services, from technical help to financial advice.

“Our core business is housing customer data in our data centers, so customers can keep focusing on their business priorities”, Joris adds. “That’s why it’s essential that clients understand what we’re talking about. Our language must always be clear, helpful and to the point. We must always take the time to understand what each customer needs because what’s important to one might not be the same for another.” This method needs a bit of finesse, diplomacy, and professionalism, and Joris and his team have that in spades.

Approachable, flexible and efficient

Given everything mentioned, it’s clear why Joris and LCL click so well. We try to stand out by concentrating on putting our customers first. We’re fast to answer questions, attentive, and adaptable, and we maintain a close working relationship with our clients. This positive approach extends to our partners, enhancing their experience as well.

In a nutshell, Joris Robbeets’ role revolves around shaping LCL into the ideal partner. His team’s approachability, combined with their technical expertise, ensures that everything runs seamlessly. With Joris leading the charge, we’re determined to deliver excellent service, striving to be a data center company that our clients can rely on.

During the weekends, Joris can often be found outdoors, not only as a dedicated runner who covers more than 35 kilometres per week and participates in races but also as a passionate volunteer in the social sector. His commitment extends to supporting ‘Het Balanske,’ a welfare centre in Tielt-Winge, where he helps children with disabilities and their parents by organizing various leisure activities. Whether he’s racing or lending a hand, Joris is a reminder that weekends can be about both personal passions and giving back. Keep on running and spreading those good vibes, Joris!