LCL’s marketing team has been reinforced: Aline Smedts is the new Content and Community Coordinator. From now on, those who follow us on social media, are subscribed to our newsletter or follow the news on our website, will get to know her smooth pen. After eight years of working for the media, Aline’s start at LCL means a career switch and the start of a new chapter that she’s entering with a lot of enthusiasm. Clear and reliable communication is essential to us, which is what Aline will strive for. With a touch of her creativity, whenever possible.

Communicating to connect

Customer intimacy is LCL’s strategy and good communication is a vital part of that. We want to communicate clearly, smoothly, and transparently, so our clients and other interested parties don’t miss out on what we’re working on. Our daily operations, the many innovations and our team; Aline will shine a light on all of it. “LCL is an ambitious company where there is constant movement, so it is very interesting to be allowed to inform the outside world of that. Extra fascinating is its pioneering role, for example in sustainability, which means there are always interesting updates to share.” We also want people to come back, by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media. “It is definitely our goal to gain more subscribers and followers on social media, because it means people increase their engagement and that they don’t have to go looking for news about LCL, instead they are offered that news. That way, we get a stronger connection to our target audience, which is important for a data center in more ways than one.”

A different focus of the marketing team is employer branding. LCL’s growing, motivated team delivers quality in all areas and is a true reflection of the company. Therefore, it is only right that they are also in the spotlight. “In all the photos that are used at LCL, you see real people from the team, which feels wonderfully personal. In the future, we want to focus more on video, so my colleagues will pop up regularly in those videos to highlight certain aspects. Because of my professional background, I look forward to adding value to LCL’s communication channels with more video.”

From TV set to data center

The backdrop of Aline’s career until now was a television set, something completely different than a data center, but that doesn’t scare her. “After eight years of working as an editor for several major TV programmes, including ‘The Masked Singer’ and ‘Stukken Van Mensen’, I felt like I was ready for a new challenge. The researcher in me is triggered by this new environment and motivated to learn as much as possible about it. For one part, that will also happen by working on content for the Data Center University, a new platform for courses on data center technologies and industry trends, which will allow me to learn immensely while working on it.” Creating content and writing has been on Aline’s daily menu for the past few years and she is happy to build on that experience. “Starting from an idea or topic and figuring out the best way to get the message across, that is what I love to do. I want to add a creative twist and some colour to my work at LCL, just as I have with my previous projects.”

Devouring stories

Stories in all shapes and sizes are a common thread in Aline’s life. Aside from the many stories and scripts she has created herself, she likes to use those created by others to escape to another world. Books, films, music: Aline devours anything to do with text in her spare time. But her favourite form of storytelling, which will be surprising to some, is musical. Because of her love of musicals, Aline regularly travels to London to see the best West End shows. “People often comment that I should do something with all my London tips, for example write a book. If I ever achieve that, about London or something else, it would be the perfect full circle moment.” Until that time, Aline is grateful to be able to co-write the story of LCL in the future, a story with an ending that is nowhere near sight.