Are you an experienced Project Manager looking for an exciting opportunity in the data center construction industry? Then you might want to stick around. As one of Belgium’s fastest-growing data center enterprises, LCL is quickly expanding its operations and seeking talented colleagues to join its team. With two simultaneous building projects underway in Aalst and Diegem, this is a remarkable chance to make a significant impact in the data center sector. Let’s dive deeper into the enticing role and hear from Floris Smits, the Project Department Manager at LCL, as he shares his insights.

A diverse and challenging position

As a Project Manager at LCL, you will coordinate the efforts between architects, study bureaus, and contractors throughout the project lifecycle. Smits highlights the diverse nature of the role, stating, “This includes a mixed range of tasks where you follow up your projects from A to Z. From the initial concept to the final handover, you will be involved in every aspect of the project, ensuring its successful execution.”

Technical expertise and engineering background

LCL and Floris are therefore looking for talents with a solid technical background or expertise in industrial or civil engineering, with experience in MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) or construction. Both skill sets are highly valued at LCL. “We are looking for someone technically inclined with an engineering background”, Floris explains. “Candidates with experience in MEP or construction are equally necessary.”

Limitless opportunities for growth

Joining LCL as a Project Manager also offers possibilities for further development and the chance to work on significant building projects. LCL is renowned for its impressive expansion strategy that pushes the boundaries of innovation and excellence in construction. In short, you can leave your mark on these iconic structures.

Additionally, Smits highlights the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and the numerous development opportunities. Working closely with experienced colleagues, you can access training programs, workshops, and mentoring, fostering continuous growth.

Safety and sustainability as top priorities

At LCL, security and sustainability are deeply ingrained in the company culture. Smits emphasises these core values: “Safety and sustainability are top priorities at LCL. It’s in our DNA. We are ahead of the curve. As a Project Manager, you will be pivotal in ensuring the highest safety standards and promoting sustainable construction practices. You will be able to contribute to projects prioritising the well-being of workers, the surrounding community, and the environment.”

A supportive and dynamic team

Joining LCL means becoming part of an engaged and motivated team that fosters collaboration and team spirit. Floris proudly shares, “You will become part of a dedicated and enthusiastic team at LCL that is deeply involved with one another.” Teamwork and mutual support are highly valued here, creating a positive work environment where ideas are shared, challenges are overcome, and accomplishments are celebrated collectively.

In short

If you are motivated and pro-active with a background in engineering or construction, LCL invites you to seize the opportunity and apply for the position of Project Manager. Join a company that values your expertise, offers limitless possibilities for growth, and encourages innovation and sustainability. Take the plunge and shape the future of construction. Apply now and embark on an extraordinary journey in the data center world.

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