We have a new Business Developer for LCL Wallonia One: Philippe Lipinski. Based in Gembloux, he will focus on expanding the Walloon customer base. Our main goal is to improve connectivity in Wallonia. To achieve this goal, we are relying on the vast experience and knowledge of Philippe Lipinski.

Can you tell us something about your work experience?

Throughout my career I have worked in IT as a Systems Engineer, IT Consultant, Pre-sales Engineer, Partner Business Manager and Account Manager for various companies in the ICT sector. In particular, I have worked for enterprise IT equipment vendors such as EMC² and Hewlett Packard Enterprise; integrators such as Comparex and Nexis; and IT distributors such as TechData and Exertis Enterprise. 

Why have you decided to take up this new challenge now?

Although I’ve worked in the IT industry for a long time, I’ve never worked for a data center company. This year I turned 60 and it seemed like the right time to make the change and take up the challenge as Business Developer for LCL Data Centers.

What exactly does your job entail?

My focus is mainly on attracting new customers, more specifically to the LCL data center in Gembloux. LCL wants to improve connectivity in Wallonia by getting more operators there, for example. After all, the more telecom operators there are in the data center, the more options customers and potential customers have in terms of connecting to local as well as global networks. This provides them with better access to the digital applications available worldwide, and they can make their own applications available worldwide in an efficient and effective way. This is my main objective at LCL.

What exactly appeals to you at LCL?

What attracts me to LCL is the fact that no two days are the same. Each project is unique and each client requires a different approach. LCL offers tailor-made data center solutions, and that’s what clients appreciate. Customers can come to us for connectivity, as well as for hybrid solutions, housing or external storage. We listen to their questions and have discovery calls with them to go through all the possible solutions that could be of interest. This gives customers a good idea of what options there are, enabling them to choose the most suitable solution in each individual case. Even after a contract is signed, we stay in touch as sales. This is how we keep our finger on the pulse to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

What was the determining factor which made you choose LCL?

LCL Data Centers is a Belgian company enjoying rapid growthI’m sure the company has a bright future. I am really excited to be able to contribute to this success story. It means I can make a difference, and that feels good.